At DRIVERZEDGE, we strongly believe that a client-partner relationship is based on mutual appreciation of the value of technology.

DRIVERZEDGE is solid and here to stay, it’s the “same name, new game.”

We’ve taken DRIVERZEDGE and its image to a more competitive level. An impressive collaboration of product development and industry experience will be the “New Face” of DRIVERZEDGE. It has always been our goal to build DRIVERZEDGE to be recognized as a premier vehicle warranty administrator.

DRIVERZEDGE believe that the success of any company is defined by the manner in which they conduct business. At DRIVERZEDGE, our pursuit of excellence is based on the principals that are the cornerstones of this organization: Honesty, Integrity, Knowledge and Experience. The DRIVERZEDGE name maintains an outstanding reputation simply because we conduct ‘fair’ business.